Pride Fest Post Pandemic

Covid be damned! New Yorkers and tourist swamped New York City today with a vengeance to make up for the cancelled festivities last year due to the pandemic. Nothing was held back, revelers partied like it was 1980 without a care in the world. It didn’t matter if you came with friends you’ve known for eons or friends you just met today. Everyone embraced and loved one another…sans covid. I too met my fellow doll art curator Robert for the first time after months of communication via instagram. It felt like meeting my long lost brother from my father’s mistress. 🙂 A total sweetheart. We had a chance to do some doll artistry together using the Pride fest revelers as our backdrop. In other words, our dolls took part in the festivities with onlookers bemused by it all.

The festivities included food, drinks and lots of music of various genres. It felt more like a huge outdoor club! People wanted to dance and feel the sun after months of lockdown and restrictions! It felt sooo good!

Need I mention the cops were very patient and friendly as well? No one felt threatened! It’s a great day in America! Onward we go…to a new beginning. Happy Pride!!!

Photos taken with my samsung camera phone…unedited.

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