Renee Cox: Future of Photography

World renowned photography artist Renee Cox’s riveting on going exhibition “A Proof of Being” at the Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY made my summer getaway there extra special. I’ve been to many photography exhibitions but none left my jaws on the gallery’s floor like Renee’s extraordinary work! With AI snapping at the delicate heels of humanity, or whatever is left of it, Renee’s body of work is making steadfast leaps and bounds breaking the usual norm in photography. I don’t think we mere mortals are quite ready for where Ms. Cox is taking photography. Granted we’ve got flying cars about to dominate our airways, Renee is doing just that with photography. Have you ever seen a thought provoking 3d photography play a rollercoaster ride right before your very eyes? Photo trimmed images of subjects in a kaleidoscope montage that’ll leave you craving a taste of Mars and beyond! Her work is futuristic to say the least. The viewer is taken to an out of body experience through photo story telling using self portraits, to a time far flung, yet near in an immersive series.

Renee’s youngest son Tosh, who stars in a few of the photographs was equally in awe of his mother. He saw the exhibition at the Guild Hall for the first time as well. I could only imagine how proud he must be of his mother.

Below are just a taste of what awaits you in East Hampton, on view until Sept. This is an exhibition not to be missed. Click on images to enlarge them, but I must say, it’s better experienced in person, especially the immersive photography projection, which you can preview the video on my instagram page here.

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