A Royal Gala In Haute Couture

I had a lovely time last night at the charity ball honoring Crown Princess Margarita and Prince Radu of Romania. The great great great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria of UK gave a moving speech about her beloved country Romania just before dinner that had me in a bit of tears. I have never seen a person love a country so much that she’s willing to do all and give all to help her people. I learnt a lot from her that night.

Prior to the gala, I had just spent about 8 hours shooting a ballerina on Central Park before rushing home to figure out what to wear to gala. I had absolutely no idea what to wear until after going through my stash of gowns where came upon a floral silk dress by Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture, 2001 collection. To my luck, it still fits! Unfortunately, this is one of many haute couture houses that ceased operations. I still remember attending their very last haute couture fashion show in Paris. Gosh, I really miss them.

It was a perfect choice considering the spring season with flowers and all the right trimmings. The weather held up pretty good too, all the more reason to be able to wear the high slit silk dress with a pair of tassle accented gold sandals by Gucci. At the gala, I was assigned my very own cadet to accompany me to my seat. A very productive day overall.

My friend Giles Ashford described the outfit best, “….stunning bird of paradise!” I can only hope Monsieur Ungaro is reading this and perhaps it will convince him to open up shop again. I can only try. 🙂

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As seen at the Emanuel Ungaro 2001 haute couture runway. Of course, I had them make mine with a more subtle shoulder corsage.

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