I Experienced The Flesh Eating Fish! YIKES!


When a traditional pedicure won’t do, you start considering other “edgy” and “cool” alternatives. In my case, I tried getting a mani-pedi before embarking on my trip to Denmark but couldn’t squeeze in the time. The moment I set foot in Copenhagen, I summed up the courage to try the flesh eating fish called Garra Rufa!

The fish, also called “Doctor Fish” originates from Turkey. They live & breed in outdoor pools in Turkish spas and are known in the wellness treatment circles for their exceptional ability to cure peeling feet. It’s a practice that has been around for more than 400 years! They don’t have any teeth, they suck and nibble away dead skins which causes the tickling feeling while exfoliating the feet. The fish separate enzymes called Diathanol from their mouth cavity that stimulates the nervous system, increase blood circulation & cures the skin.

If you can’t stand being ticklish then you might want to opt out, but if you’re able to stomach it like I managed to do…eventually, then you’re in for a treat. So, brace yourself and get ready to watch me humiliate myself publicly at the fish tank salon in Denmark in the video footage below! Dare I say it was one hell of a pedicure!

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