Fashion: The Power of The “Sea”

I have been having a “weird” share of luck week, so I opted for white/blue color theme to cheer me up a bit. Trying for a feeling of being by the “sea” if you know what I mean. It was mentally and psychologically calming, I guess it worked, even if for a little while! Turquoise color does wonders to the mind.

The turquoise color leather shoes are by Casadei from a couple of years ago. Vintage diamond and semi precious stone brooch on white turban, top by Escada, Raven Denim jeans, bag by Charm & Luck also from a few years ago, and belt by the master of blinged up accessories, B.B. Simon of course. And with a touch of lime green scarf pictured further below while playing around my a jumbo “Chanel” bag.

Just another day of the week in the city.

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