NYC Landowners Beware!

A downtown landowner had a close shave today. He felt the wrath of labor union workers working at the ongoing World Trade Center adjoining subway station on John Street/Broadway in New York City. At first I thought it was the Occupation Wall Street riot happening again since the location is literally 3 blocks away. It turned out to be a large group of Union construction workers protesting in front of the building shown below demanding the site be shut down and turn the labor force to the Union workers. It didn’t take long at all for the New York Police Department to dispatch a couple of armed police force to the site to protect the building and the landowner from harm.

I spoke to one of the Union workers who had this to say, “These landlords need to stop this nonsense of giving jobs to Chinese and Mexicans and stop using them as slaves. They pay them below minimum wages just to save money. What about their safety, medical coverage, families to feed at home? Why cut corners? This is America, they need to process all jobs through the Union!”

The gathering increased more within the hour all chanting “Shut this down!”

Well, there you have it. If you ever come into some money and have the itch to build (or rebuild) your fancy dream townhouse or commercial office building in the city, you might want to consult the “oracle” of the Union to avoid this calamity. I had no idea there was even such a rule until today!


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