Watch Me Nae Nae on Times Square!

Dance like no one is watching just got a whole new meaning. Ammon and his sister Larene came all the way to New York City from California to do just that. The pair lit the crossroads of the world by dancing their hearts out to Silento’s hit song “Watch Me” on Times Square while waiting for the ball to drop to start the New Year 2017 at midnight. Considering their prime real estate spot, front row center in a very crowded Times Square, it’s safe to say they must have been standing there from 5pm well into the night to get prime spot! It definitely paid off because I watched in real time as Ryan Seacrest and other news media outlets placed the pair on TV dancing their hearts out to every classics and hits that came on! Their happiness and free spirit was contagious! Keep it up! Happy New Year! 🙂

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