Labor Day to Dance in Feathers

Wah gwan! Another year, another day to parade around in feathers and seem very appropriate in New York, unapologetically. It was a sunny day for West Indies infused cultural afternoon on Eastern Parkway in the heart of trendy Brooklyn, New York City. Of course after all the political dignitaries and luminaries have long gone after hitting the pavements, the lorries with mega loud speakers rolled through. That’s usually a good cue that it’s officially well underway and the festivities may commence. The affair wouldn’t be complete without the sidewalks full of Caribbean food vendors. I myself couldn’t resist if I may say so. By the time the last music blasting truck rolled by I was stuffed and covered in sweat! It was at that very moment I missed the snowy winter months. Alas! Summer 2018 is officially over! Bittersweet feeling.

To enlarge images, click on them. Enjoy!

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