White Supremacy? Think Again!

tumblr_mxau83GpLM1t5pu40o1_400Hello America! Next time before you scream “white supremacy”, think again, ala Neo Nazi Craig Cobb. Click HERE to see Solomon Northup’s (of 12 Years a Slave movie) direct descendants and tell me what you see. These are faces of many races, all stemming from a black man who served as a slave! This goes to show how the world is changing fast. You can’t keep shouting white supremacy when you yourself might have a percentage of black blood in you thanks to your great (x10) grandfather the slave master who might have rapped your great (x10) grandmother who was a slave! Or simply your great (5) mother/father who married/dated another race unbeknownst to you, and voila! Here you are, a black man in a white skin! The world is getting mixed up fast, so catch up! A kettle can’t keep calling a pot black anymore. ONE LOVE!

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