Fashion: That’s It! I’m Moving To Zara!

All Leopard up in Zara

Why on earth did it take me this long to “discover” the many cool sides of Zara brand? The main store is only a few blocks from my doorstep and yet I have never set foot in it until a few days ago when this lovely cute as a button dress perched in the window literally drew me in with its “voodoo” flowers. OMG! I was sold! The dress does make a bad girl look good.

The next thing I knew I was making out like a bandit with many brown bags stuffed with their frocks….and the SHOES, I had to find in my size from 4 different stores! Talk about desperate!

I could only imagine the many cool stuff I had missed already. For years I had feared their quality of clothing would be like H&M (no offense).

The floral dress that got me hooked!

Call me silly, but I now visit the store twice a week for new findings! Oh dear oh dear…..what took me so long 🙁

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A cool vest I will rock with my Chanel pearl necklace. Breezy

The fringe dress, got this too!

I love it so much I bought it 2 different colors!

Leather jacket

Zara shoes! A first for me!


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