A Night To Remember In Gilles Montezin, Dukas…

Oh my! What a night! I was fortunate to have been invited to a very private top notch Christmas party today in New York City. And what to wear? Gilles Montezin’s flamboyant haute couture coat and Dukas wine glass heel shoes, coupled with a vintage ruby and gold wide bracelet and Vinciane Stouvenaker gold chain and leather handbag, I was set to hit the party in stride. At the party, everyone was curious to know whose shoes I was wearing knowing that I work at Shoeholics magazine and could not be caught dead in anything less than perfect. Ahhh… the pressure. I was thankful for the lovely patent gold leather wine glass heel shoes from Dukas, it lived up to their expectations. They were conversation items all by themselves. It would have been a lot easier for me to just stand in the middle of the room and model them without uttering a word! I arrived in the Gilles Montezin coat and could not wait for the opportunity to leave again just so that I could wear it again. Only this time, I ran back home to change into a plain black leather boots for my quick outdoor photo op just because I didn’t want to wear my lovely museum worthy Dukas heels out in the park while I took more pictures in Gilles Montezin’s coat! I couldn’t get enough of the coat and the shoes! Ahh…how I love the holiday season.

Well, there is one more party left on my list this week. I intend to wear the coat to Shoeholics Magazine holiday party tomorrow!

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